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"Newly married and looking for our first house with big dreams Jeff Bell found us everything we were looking for and more.  There was so much that we wanted and not that much to work with and he didn’t give up.  He was always available day or night for any questions and was on top of everything.  Thank you for everything Jeff and for making us first time homeowners to a house that we are so proud of."

   - The Usher's
      Dexter, MI


“We are definitely happy with the experience we had in finding the home and everything after. We would definitely recommend you to anyone we know and we will make sure to let you know if we ever need help in selling our house or in buying another one. Thank you for all your help!”

- Caleb & Jessica
   Ann Arbor, MI


 "My wife and I recently bought a home in Ann Arbor. We are both physicians with a new baby, and we were not looking forward to the long and difficult process of searching for a new home. Furthermore, we had rather specific requirements about location and layout. We are so fortunate to have landed Jeff Bell as our buyer's agent! One thing we liked about him instantly was his easygoing nature. He had a way of making us feel as relaxed as we possibly could, even if we were all touring a house after a hard day's work with a cranky kid! Unlike other agents we had worked with in the past, Jeff was never pushy, and *never* pressured us to like or dislike something. When he voiced his opinion on something, it was always well thought out. He quickly understood our needs and went out of his way to find the pros and cons of a candidate home, based on our specifications, even before we saw the place. When it was time to make an offer and to negotiate, he gave us invaluable advice on the pros and cons of putting forward offer X as opposed to offer Y; we felt he was absolutely committed to *our* best interests. Throughout the process, one thing which we both found exceptionally refreshing was his honesty and openness. Jeff knows a lot about Ann Arbor homes, but he always was upfront if he didn't know the answer to something. For example, our closing process had some strange twists due to the seller's timeline, and Jeff told us that he wanted to consult a senior partner before advising us on what to do. No pretense, straightforward, putting his client first. At the end of it all, now that we are in our fantastic new home, I can look back and say that working with Jeff Bell was not simply a contractual enterprise; he treated us like a friend. I would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful person to anybody looking for a real estate agent, and I am happy to be contacted should he need any personal references."

- Praveen Dayalu & Cathy Bettcher
Ann Arbor, MI


When selling our home recently, we researched real estate agents in the Ann Arbor area, compared sales metrics, marketing channels, agent track records, and made the decision to list with Jeff Bell at the Charles Reinhart Company. We were instantly pleased with Jeff’s rapport. We found Jeff to be personable and assessable.

Besides being easy to work with, Jeff is a take-charge person who is able to make things happen. Jeff successfully developed marketing plans that resulted in immediate showings. We were selling our house during a period of tough economic conditions and as a result of Jeff’s hustle, he sold our home in ten days. He was optimistic at the start, channeled the right amount of energy and enthusiasm, and made it happen!

We also chose Jeff to be our buying agent. He listened and honed in on our desires. We searched for several weeks. Jeff was flexible and made time to show us the houses at our convenience. Within a short period of time, he helped us find a condominium that exactly met our needs.

Jeff was also extraordinarily helpful in other areas. In addition to selling our home, Jeff went beyond the call of duty. Through Reinhardt Realty, he has an extensive network of contacts and connected us with leasing agents who helped us to find a fantastic townhouse to live in for the interim, until our new residence is remodeled.

We highly recommend Jeff for your real estate needs. He knows how to make things happen and we can tell you confidently that he will sell your home in the most expedient way. 

- Katherine and James Franz
Saline, MI


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